Paua Shells

A half polished Paua shell
Paua Shell
Found only in the frigid shallow waters off New Zealand live sea snails with beautiful iridescence purple, blue, pink, and green shells which the Maori have named Paua (pronounced "pah-wah"). Due to their beauty Paua shells have been valued by the Maori for centuries as taonga (treasure). The Maori use these shells to make beautiful jewelry; which includes necklaces, pendants, and rings. Below is a list of facts about Paua including information on exactly where they are found, why the Maori value them, and how they find them.
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Facts about Paua

Facts about Paua Shells

Conclusion - Paua Shells Paua meat and shells are in such high demand that New Zealand has enacted several regulations to protect the depletion of the population. This includes catch quotas and limitations on the sizes that can be kept. In fact, when diving for Paua divers are not allowed to wear scuba gear they must free dive therefore greatly reducing the amount they can catch. Unfortunately, there is a black market for paua and many poachers catch way more than their quota. There have been cases of poachers who greatly exceeded their quotas receiving jail sentences.
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