Maori Travel

Below you will find listed some great New Zealand attractions for those people looking for Maori travel experiences. New Zealand tourism has been booming over the last few years and Maori sightseeing has been a major contributor to this boom.

Auckland Museum:
The recently revamped museum has the largest collection of Maori artifacts in the world. The museum protects and cares for an outstanding and significant collection of Maori treasures (taonga) including large war canoes, meetinghouses, greenstone weapons, and feather cloaks are here. On top of that, the Manaia Maori Performance Group puts on a stunning show several times a day.

Tamaki Maori Village:
This re-created ancient Maori village was the New Zealand Tourism Awards Supreme winner in 1998 and four times winner of the national heritage and cultural tourism awards. It presents Maori life as it used to be pre-European settlement. You'll tour the village with a Maori elder, learn the ancient myths, watch a traditional performance, and eat from a traditional hangi. Located in Rotorua New Zealand.

East Cape:
The East Cape of New Zealand (see map) is a remote enclave of Maori culture, there are numerous Maori settlements and highly decorative Maori churches. It is one of the last places in New Zealand where the Maori language is part of everyday life. Locals will tell you that this is the real New Zealand, the way it used to be.

Whakarewarewa Thermal Reserve & New Zealand Maori Arts & Crafts Institute:
Maori guides will lead you through the thermal reserve, explaining the significance of the area to the Maori people. There's also a live song-and-dance performance, a tour of a replica Maori village, and the chance to watch working weavers and carvers in the Arts & Crafts Institute. Located in Rotorua, which is situated in the central North Island of New Zealand. A three hour drive from Auckland

Royal Lakeside Novotel:
Located on the shores of Lake Rotorua and set in park surroundings, the hotel is 10 minutes walk from the city center. Features include an indoor spa and fitness center, restaurant, bar, 450 person convention center and a Maori cultural center with nightly performances. Other nearby attractions include many water activities on the lake, a golf course and thermal reserves. Here you'll find the best Maori hangi and performance in Rotorua. It includes a steam-cooked hangi, poi dance, the haka, traditional songs and games, and an excellent audiovisual presentation spanning 150 years of Rotorua's history.

Maori Tours Kaikoura:
For those wanting a personal and natural experience - where warmth and hospitality prevails. You can enjoy the intimacy of a real cultural exchange with this Kaikoura based Maori family. Tours
visit ancient sites of significance, learn the rich history of the Kaikoura area and explore a
bush walkway to learn some traditional uses of trees and plants. Gain rare insight
into the spirituality of Maori and come to know their ways and links to the environment.