Once only popular in New Zealand Maori pendants are becoming more popular throughout the world. Their unique and beautiful shapes make for stunning jewelry. In the movie After the Sunset actor Pierce Bronson can be seen wearing a Maori bone necklace. Each shape has a special meaning to the Maori and have deep spiritual significance. A Maori pendant is usually made from jade or bone, but can also be found in silver, paua shells, and other materials. The Bone Art Place is famous for their beautiful hand made Maori pendants made by some of the finest carvers in New Zealand.

MAORI PENDANTS - The Meanings of Their Shapes

Each Maori carving has a special meaning. For example the Hei Tiki is considered a good luck charm. The Maori have handed these down from generation to generation. Wearing a Tiki Maori pendant is also believed to strengthen character. Another shape, the Whale Tail, represents both strength and sensitivity. The whale tail also symbolizes protection.

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