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Maori necklace
Maori Bone Necklace
For centuries, the Maori of New Zealand have been carving and wearing beautiful unique necklaces. Their various shapes have symbolism that can be important to the wearer. These distinctive shapes are rarely seen anywhere else in the world and have spiritual significance for the Maori. For example, the double or triple twist depicts friendship and loyalty that stays strong through the many challenges of life. For a description of the shapes and meanings a Maori necklace can have go to Maori carving designs. Below is a list of facts about Maori necklaces including why people buy them, how they are carved and where you can buy genuine pieces made by Maori carvers.
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Maori Necklace Facts

The Meanings of Maori Necklace Shapes

Below is a list of the most common shapes of Maori necklaces and the associated symbolism. For more detailed information about the various shapes Maori necklaces can have visit Maori Carving Designs.
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