For centuries the Maori of New Zealand have been carving and wearing beautiful necklaces. Maori necklaces are beautiful, unique, and their various shapes contain meanings that can be important to the wearer. These shapes are rarely seen anywhere else in the world and have spiritual significance. For example the double or triple twist depicts friendship and loyalty that stays strong through the many challenges of life. For a description of the shapes and meanings a Maori necklace can have click on Maori Carving Designs to the left or go to Maori carving designs. These necklaces can be made out of many materials, the most popular are jade, bone, and silver. Although once only popular in New Zealand Maori necklaces are becoming increasing popular throughout the world. In fact Pierce Brosnan can be seen wearing a Maori bone necklace in the movie After the sunset. For a great selection of hand crafted Maori necklaces visit The Bone Art Place.