Maori Koru Jewelry

A Maori Koru necklace
Maori Koru
One of the most popular shapes found in Maori jewelry is the Koru, also referred to as Hei Koru (Hei translates to suspend, as in wearing a necklace). The Maori carve beautiful necklaces, pendants, rings, and earrings out of bone and jade (greenstone) in this shape. Koru Jewelry is for sale in many areas of New Zealand and on many online stores. This jewelry makes great gifts for women and for men. The Koru symbol can be found throughout New Zealand. The design is found in paintings, sculptures, tattoos (moko), jewelry, and even as the logo for Air New Zealand. On this page are a list of facts about Hei Koru; including the meanings the Maori attach to this shape, where you can buy Koru jewelry (and other Maori jewelry), and the importance of the silver fern to the people of New Zealand.
Bone Art

Maori Koru Jewelry Facts

Bone Art

Maori Koru Symbol Uses

The Maori Koru Symbol is used in various ways as a symbol thought out New Zealand. Below is a list of several places this fern symbol can be found in New Zealand.