Maori Greenstone

A Maori Greenstone pendant
Greenstone Pendant

Maori Greenstone - Introduction

Upon arriving in New Zealand, the Maori discovered that their new home had an abundance of beautiful green stones they called Pounamu (Jade) which translated means Greenstone. They discovered that this stone had not only beauty but practical uses as well. It is a hard and tough stone making it useful as a tool or weapon. They also used it to carve beautiful Greenstone Jewelry (Jade Jewelry) including necklaces and pendants. On this page, you will find a list of facts about Greenstone. This information will include why this stone is culturally important to the Maori, what types of Greenstone there are, and where it is found. To see genuine Maori Greenstone jewelry visit The Bone Art Place.
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Maori Greenstone Classification

There are two types of Jade found on earth, jadeite and nephrite. Nephrite is the only type found in New Zealand. It is found only on the south island. The Maori classify Greenstone according to its shade of green. The names they gave the various types of Greenstone are listed below.

Maori Greenstone Facts

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Maori Cultural Significance of Greenstone